Plastic Surgery Tailored to Your Individual Needs

Bay Area plastic surgeon Dr. Randall Weil performs procedures ranging from face and neck lifts to tummy tucks, abdominal suction and mommy makeovers.

What’s unique about your practice?

Dr. Weil: I focus on partial procedures — those that are specific to an individual — rather than global procedures, where you automatically say, “OK, you need to do your eyes, your forehead, your face, your neck — everything.” No. Most of the time, we can do very specific things that are particular for that individual. I also do fillers, which fill up areas that people are concerned with, such as the nasal lines that go from the nose to the lips, or even the lips themselves. We also can fill up the cheeks so that they look tighter and fuller.

What are some of your common procedures?

Dr. Weil: About 50 percent of my practice involves the face, which would be the upper and lower lids, the face and neck, and the nose. Much of what I do is maintenance, where I’m not doing a giant procedure to the face, but just smaller things over time. The other half of my practice consists of body contour procedures — things like tummy tucks and mommy makeovers.

Does insurance cover any of these procedures?

Dr. Weil: It doesn’t cover what’s considered “cosmetic procedures,” but it does cover breast reductions. Insurance also typically covers breathing problems and heavy eyelids.


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