When you Need a Breast Reduction

When people think of plastic surgery, they almost always think about breast augmentations – or “boob jobs.” While there are benefits aside from aesthetics for a breast augmentation, there are actually instances where breast reduction is needed.

Why would I need a breast reduction?

The most common reason for getting a breast reduction is because your breasts may be so large that they’re actually causing health problems in addition to discomfort and pain. Reducing the size of your breasts mitigates, or eliminates, a lot of health issues related to large breasts.

What are the signs?

Some of the signs that you need to visit Dr. Randall B. Weil at Randall B. Weil MD, FACS in San Francisco, California, for a breast reduction include bad posture, difficulty breathing, a hard time exercising, a tough time shopping for clothes, and significant pain in your back.
These aren’t all the symptoms, but some of the most common. Abnormally large breasts can negatively affect different health aspects due to the strain they place on your back, spine, and even your lungs.

Is the procedure safe?

A breast reduction is a very safe procedure, although recovery time is pretty similar to a breast augmentation. As with all surgeries there are risks, but they’re minimal in this type of surgery. Once complete and healed, you’ll feel immeasurably better with properly-sized breasts.

If you think a breast reduction is the answer to some of your problems, call today to schedule a consultation.


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