What does BOTOX® Do?

You’ve likely heard of BOTOX once or twice, usually in relation to some sort of cosmetic procedure to help mitigate signs of aging apparent in your face.

However, most people don’t know some of the more intricate details of BOTOX, more specifically what it does and how it helps your appearance. So let’s take a look at this product and how it could help you.

How does it work?

BOTOX is a fairly simple procedure, especially by the standards of the plastic surgery industry. It’s administered through an injection, and once inside your skin, BOTOX blocks the ability of different muscles to contract. This leads to a smooth, enviable complexion.

Reduce lines

The most popular use of BOTOX is to reduce lines on your face – crow’s feet, worry lines, and frown lines can all be smoothed out with a simple injection of BOTOX. You may have to have more than one treatment for BOTOX to have its full effect, but it’s a very simple way to take a few years off your face.

If you’re ready to improve your complexion, call us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Randall B. Weil here at our Randall B. Weil MD, FACS location.


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