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Randall B. Weil, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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If you’ve ever found yourself in front of the mirror pulling the skin on your face and neck back to see how much younger you’d look, consider a facelift. This procedure provides those same results, only better. With over 30 years of experience, plastic surgeon Randall B. Weil M.D. F.A.C.S. has perfected his facelift techniques, leaving you with a more youthful yet natural appearance, without a “pulled” look. If you’re in the Nob Hill area of San Francisco, call the office or book an appointment online.

Face Lift Q & A

What happens to my skin as I age?

In an ideal world, the passage of time leaves no trace, but that’s simply not the case, especially when it comes to your skin. As you age, your skin, which stands between you and the outside world, undergoes a fair amount of wear and tear — with your face often taking the brunt of it. Years of exposure to the elements, especially the sun, breaks down your skin from the outside. From the inside, age and hormone changes cause shifts in your skin, including:

  • Decreased collagen and elastin
  • Volume loss
  • Loss of hydration

Taken together, the skin on your face and neck stand little chance against the forces from within and without, leading to:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Deep creases
  • Loose skin around the neck, or double chin
  • Drooping jowls
  • Overall sagging

What is a facelift?

To combat the effects of aging, Dr. Weil offers facelift procedures that tighten and smooth the skin on your face and neck. During your initial consultation with Dr. Weil, you review the areas you want treated. Dr. Weil tailors his facelifts to your specific goals, which includes targeting all or any combination of the following areas:

  • Your cheeks
  • Your neck
  • The areas around your eyes, including your eyelids and brows

With any facelift procedure, Dr. Weil’s primary goal is to provide you with a natural look that shaves years off your appearance, without the taut, pulled look that’s typically associated with facelifts. Using modern techniques, Dr. Weil works with your bone structure and your skin to ensure the end result is not a different you, but a beautifully rejuvenated and revitalized you.

What does the facelift procedure entail?

The procedure itself may be as simple as one or two alterations, or more complex depending on the areas you want to target. Dr. Weil fully explains what to expect beforehand, and then sets to work. You’ll be placed under general anesthesia while Dr. Weil performs the procedure, which usually takes three to four hours.

When will I see results?

While results of a facelift are immediate, it does take time for your skin to heal before you can see the full effects of the procedure. Typically, you should count on two weeks of recovery time, after which you’re free to resume your normal daily activities. You’ll see full results after a month or two.

To learn more about natural-looking facelifts, call Randall B. Weil M.D. F.A.C.S., or schedule a consultation using the online booking tool.